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When developing a new Property, we follow a length and detailed process. Before entering into any development agreement, we conduct an in-depth analysis. We only take on projects where we are confident we can create outstanding value for all of the stakeholders, including investors and the community where the product will be built.

Our development process includes:

  • Site identification
  • Conduct detail due diligence
  • Negotiate acquisition contact
  • Obtain expert feasibility, environmental, geotechnical, title, and design studies
  • Prepare construction budget
  • Create preliminary 5-year operations budget
  • Draft preliminary drawings
  • Complete entitlement process
  • Engage architect and engineering firms
  • Arrange franchise license
  • Complete interview and bidding process with contractors
  • Schedule all building phases with “pert” chart
  • Begin construction
  • Oversee all aspects of the construction
  • Punch out final building
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Begin hotel operations

For BHC to be successful, we need the help of a variety of different partners and stakeholders. Our most important partnerships are with the communities where we build, create jobs, and spark other economic growth opportunities.

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen and a great neighbor. As part of that commitment, we make sure that when working with communities we are creating meaningful value to the people who live and work there. Creating a project that only benefits investors and large corporate partners is not enough for us.

We work to create socially responsible projects. This means we take advantage of sustainable technology, materials, and techniques whenever possible. We use water responsibly. We make every effort to use recycled materials when possible and energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems in all of our properties. We also use bio-friendly cleansers and soaps throughout our properties.

Our team works with local non-profits to help raise money for worthy causes. We work with local schools on fundraising and crating educational opportunities for the children of our communities. We also encourage our employees to donate their time and talents to the local communities where they work and live.

BHC will never been about doing the bare minimum. We not only carefully comply with all local rules and regulations, but we proactively work with community leaders to see what other actions we can take to make communities stronger.

BHC is striving to be a development leader and innovator in the U.S. We bring our world-class talent and experience to every project, while also focusing on making sure each development project is carefully tailored to the local area.

We are a full-service development firm providing everything from construction management, acquisition services, investor services, and hospitality management services.